Sunday, October 4, 2009

50% leased and moving forward

Sorry its been a while since we've written. We had a wonderful vacation but got sick on our last day in Barcelona and have been down with the flu since. We are finally feeling better and have a lot to share with you about the progress at La Tienda.

The surveyors were out for the parking lot and sculpture garden. We hope to break ground this month so that the parking lot is finished by December in time for the Grand Opening celebration. Six new businesses will definitely be part of this event.

In addition, several new businesses are developing their plans for occupying spaces. We won't tell you what they are quite yet, but we are very, very excited about them.

We are getting closer to identifying the restaurant that will occupy the former Brumby's space. One of the most exciting things to come out of our discussions about the restaurant is the probability that we will split the Brumby's space. Two thirds of the space will become the restaurant/bar. The other third (formerly the main dining room, banquet room, and patio will become a rentable performance space for the community.

If you have a band, are part of a salsa club, are interested in community theater, or anything else that needs a large space with a stage and sound equipment, we would love to talk with you.

Destiny and I love to dance and we love live music. There is no venue for either in Eldorado. From what we have heard, many of you share our love for all kinds of music. We're still working out the details and are open to input, but this is what we have so far:

1. We are tentatively calling this performance space, "Off the Grid," but would love to have you help us name it. Please send us your ideas.
2. It is approximately 2,000 Square Feet.
3. We will put in a stage and some basic sound equipment.
4. The space will be rentable on a per day basis for $250
5. La Tienda will sponsor some events. Local bands, DJ's, theater groups, performance art groups, dance groups, etc. will be able to rent the space as needed.
6. We will put a calendar of events on our web site and help to get the word out to the community about events in the space.

We would love your feed back on this idea and will incorporate as much as we can into the plans.

That's about it for now. Remember to click on the Suite 101 link on the web site and check out the calendar of events in this space. The word is getting out and people are using the space for a variety of things. Hope Kiah's Web Tutorial was well attended. Edward Jones Financial Seminar is coming up this week. So is the 2nd meeting about a teen center in Eldorado. If you are at all interested in a teen center, please join us tomorrow night at 7:00.

Thanks for your continued interest and support,


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