Thursday, November 19, 2009

business profile #6

Business: Eldorado Computer Works

Location: Building B

Owner: Steve

(Q) Tell me about your business (dreams, vision, experience, etc.)
(A)Eldorado Computer Works is an extension of my business Santa Fe Computer Works. I have been in business in Santa Fe for over 18 years. Specializing in sales and repair of PC’s, we offer both new and used equipment at affordable prices.

My model is simple. Supply better, more durable equipment then you find at the big box stores and combine that with the best service. I have great employees and great customers. We take care of our customers and they take care of us. It is simple but it works. I am proud that my business has won “Best of Santa Fe” for several years in a row.

(Q) Why did you choose to open a business in Eldorado
(A)Eldorado is a great community full of wonderful people. It is under served in so many areas and my business will provide one of those needed services and create jobs right here. Many people in Eldorado drive their computers to my shop in Santa Fe. Having a local tech shop is what I love to do.

I am “La Tienda”, the shop. Just like all the other great shops opening up here. No national franchises, no huge businesses, just local people from the community, serving the community.

(Q) How do anticipate interacting with the community?
(A) Talk and help people. That’s what I do. As a business Eldorado Computer Works will provide sales of new and used computers, also walk in and on site repair services.

Being a part of the community is why I am opening this business. I have several community outreach programs including 100% recycling for old computers and monitors, classes, and non-profit support. In addition, Eldorado Computer Works is part of the effort to provide free wireless service throughout La Tienda.

(Q) Is La Tienda's vision of community service important to you and why?
(A) Absolutely. As one of the owners of La Tienda, I helped create the vision. Josh, Destiny, and I love community, love being connected to community. Buying the center and creating something so new and fresh is a dream come true. If this was just a strip mall I would have no interest in owning it or starting a new business in it.

La Tienda has not even opened and I have already met so many wonderful new people and connected back with people from my past. The constant encouragement I have been getting from people in the community tells me we are doing something right here, something important.

(Q) What makes your business unique?
(A)I care. I am not a big box store. I provide the absolute best service and products I can and the community sustains me. I have always felt blessed over the years to have the support of the community and to be able to service the community.

(Q). How long have you lived in Eldorado, or what is your connection to the Eldorado community?
(A)Though I currently live in Sunlit Hills, I lived in Eldorado for about 15 years and still have family there. My kids have all gone to school in Eldorado. I have run the fun run, garage saled, eaten the ice cream, ridden the bike paths, hiked the trails, played at the parks, and swam in the pool. I love Eldorado.

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