Tuesday, November 3, 2009

La Tienda News -- Business Profile #4

Business: Home Planet Cafe
Location: Buiding AA
Owners: Steve and Vicki

(Q) Tell me about your business (experience, dream, vision, etc.)?

(A) Home Planet Café is a casual, earth-friendly restaurant --"comfort food with a global spin”. It will be a robust operation serving breakfast, lunch and dinner, and a soon-to-be-legendary Sunday brunch. The food will be all about comfort, abundance & that sense of satisfaction that comes from eating a meal prepared with love. Our menus will lean toward American country cooking, but also offer dishes from other parts of the world that are considered 'home' cooking in that culture--so there might be a Moroccan Stew right next to the Green Chile Stew. Our goal is to serve comfort food in its many forms, always giving that concept a slight spin while celebrating nature's bounty with wholesome, fresh food--using local sources as much as possible.

(Q) Why did you choose to open a business in Eldorado?

(A) We have lived in Eldorado for 5 years and believe that Eldorado needs more dining choices. We are looking forward to running into our friends and neighbors. The physical plant, layout and location of the restaurant space are all excellent and we are excited to be able to offer the Eldorado community a new, quality choice for great food.

(Q) How do you anticipate interacting with the community?

(A) Food, drink and a comfortable place to meet and interact are cornerstones of any community and we provide those things as our stock in trade. We are also hiring, as much as possible, from within Eldorado. The chef will be taking on three formal apprentices chosen from among teenagers living in the immediate community, and we have planned cooking classes and wine tastings for the New Year. We welcome community input and will accommodate needs and desires to the best of our ability.

(Q) Is La Tienda's vision of community service important to you and why?

(A) Part of my incentive to get back into the restaurant business was meeting La Tienda’s new owners and discovering that we had a similar vision for Eldorado and La Tienda. We had identified similar community needs to be met, and we shared the understanding that committing to the community is risky, but also hugely rewarding.

(Q) What makes your business unique?

(A) Home Planet Café is the culmination of Steve Cooper’s 33 year long career as a chef and restaurateur, and of Vicki Teague-Cooper’s career as an artist, designer and former pastry chef. In this operation we will use the recipes, techniques, psychological resilience and secrets of management that we have painfully discovered over the years; we will use all our savvy and moxie to deliver an experience that will not only be truly unique, but will also be tasty and lovely to behold.

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