Thursday, December 10, 2009

Business Profile # 7 -- Beyond Borders Books

Business: Beyond Borders Books a non profit used bookstore and art space
Location: Building A
Owners: operated by and staffed by volunteers

Q) Tell me about your business (experience, dream, vision, etc.)?
(A) Learning Mind, a locally based not-for-profit organization is dedicated to promoting education to children and young adults who otherwise would not have the opportunity. In addition to education programs, Learning Mind works towards improving social and economic conditions to rural areas via micro loans, assistance in health care treatments and expenses.
Self funded from 1999-2007, Learning Mind gained NM non profit status in 2007. All projects are funded by the sale of used books, cash donations and fund raising events. Many in our community will recognize us from our non profit table at the Eldorado Farmers Market on Fridays. As a fund raiser at the Eldorado Farmers Market, Learning Mind, with the help of Lidia and her children Juan and Tatiana would sell traditional foods from the countries where we have on going projects. Currently we are providing educational assistance to children in Santa Fe, India, El Salvador and Morocco.
Now, with this bookstore it is our hope that we will receive regular book and CD donations to not only fund Learning Mind projects but offer assistance to other non profits that share our vision and commitment to help others.

(Q) Why did you choose to open your business in Eldorado?
(A)The owners of La Tienda wanted a used book store to serve the community. Learning Mind has books and needed a location to receive donations and to sell books. Learning Mind is based in Eldorado. And there you have it!

(Q) How do anticipate interacting with the community?
(A)Beyond Borders Books is operated by and will be staffed by volunteers. We have and will continue to ask the Eldorado community to support our efforts and donate their quality used books and CD's. The book store will also be a space where writers and artists can show or perform their art. We have had a wonderful response from people offering to help sort and shelf books in addition to volunteering their time to staff the store once it opens. Local artist Howard Riley and Artist Kathamann from Santa Fe will be the first to show their art in Beyond Borders Books. Sui Ki Lee was the first to perform in the space with his incredible “orchestra” of singing bowls. His return performance is not to be missed on opening day Dec 12 from 2-4 PM

(Q) Is La Tienda's vision of community service important to you and why?
(A)Yes........because this is how it should be! We're all out here together! Be positive and participate!

(Q) What makes your business unique?
(A) As a not-for-profit used book store we will rely 100% on donations and volunteers to staff the store. We will have scheduled “events of interest” to make Beyond Borders Books a cool place to be! And..... Beyond Borders Books will be a “drop off” point of presence for other non profits such as Bienvenidos Outreach of Santa Fe.

Q) How long have you lived in Eldorado or what is your connection to the Eldorado community?
(A)Learning Mind has been located in Eldorado since 2001. We've had a strong public presence with our non profit table at the Eldorado Farmers Market and at the 2009 Lamy Solar Fest.

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