Thursday, December 10, 2009

New Business Profile #8 -- La Plancha de Eldorado

Business: La Plancha De Eldorado
Location: Building #A
Owners: Juan & Lidia

Q) Tell me about your business (experience, dream, vision, etc.)?
La Plancha de Eldorardo is a Latin grill serving a variety of Latin American foods. After twenty years of working hard in restaurants we now have the chance to accomplish one of the American dreams which is to open your own business, in our case a restaurant.

(Q) Why did you choose to open your business in Eldorado?
We chose to open a business in Eldorado because it is a very beautiful community. Having volunteered at the Eldorado Farmers Market for 2 years, we met very friendly people. It was an easy decision for us to open our restaurant at La Tienda and be a part of the community.

(Q) How do anticipate interacting with the community?
La Plancha de Eldorado is going to be a family friendly restaurant were people can sit down and enjoy our selection of traditional foods from Latin America. The full menu will be available for to go orders and catered events.

(Q) Is La Tienda's vision of community service important to you and why? Yes, community is important to us as a family and as business owners. We have seen how the owners of La Tienda have been helping out and are always there to give support to people opening businesses at La Tienda.

(Q) What makes your business unique?
La Plancha de Eldorado will continue to serve the Eldorado community with our family friendly service and traditional Latin foods that we have been become known for at the Eldorado Farmers Market. We will continue to bring the flavors of Latin foods to Eldorado using local New Mexican farm products as they are available. We support our local farmers.
Q) How long have you lived in Eldorado or what is your connection to the Eldorado community?
We do not live in Eldorado but we have been helping at the Eldorado Farmers Market for two seasons. We cooked and sold traditional foods from El Salvador as a fund raiser for Learning Mind. The Farmers Market gave us the opportunity to meet many people and teach them about our traditional foods. This was a great experience for us.

(Q) Any other thoughts or comments?
We want to thank all the people who are helping build a better community for Eldorado and the people who are helping us with La Plancha de Eldorado.... we hope to see you there . We plan to open February 2010.
Mucho Gracias

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  1. This place is amazing. Great food, friendly staff, and family priced. I had the shimp for dinner and it was perfect. I don't know what they use for seasoning but the flavors are so perfect.